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What Is Deca?

Deca is, as stated above, one of the most widely used steroids in the entire history of bodybuilding and sports. Every couple of months you hear of another athlete being banned for using some form of deca usage. The actual pharmaceutical name for Deca is Nandrolone Decanoate.

What are the Side Effects of Deca?

Deca is well known for having many benefits with minimal side effects. It’s probably one of the safest , if not the safest steroid on the market today, when using sensible doses, of course. Deca is unlikely to aromatise, however it is possible if you are sensitive to it and you are smashing massive amounts of the stuff. However, it has hardly ever been reported to have done this.

Post cycle therapy is a must after using Deca as the testes will need a kick start, most users will use some combination of Clomid, Nolvdex and HCG or HMG to correct the problem. This should be researched in detail.

This is another reason why I personally am a big fan of stopping deca at least 2 to 4 weeks before testosterone. 2 weeks usually suffices.

Benefits of Deca in Bodybuilding

Deca has so many benefits in bodybuilding and for any athlete in pretty much any sport in general it is THAT good. Hence the reason we hear of so many different athletes who are testing positive for this stuff.

Deca has earned its reputation for producing large muscle gains, it’s also great for easing sore joints and preventing arthritis and also for its ability at boosting the immune system.

The muscle gained on Deca, while not as quick and dramatic as a strong Testosterone, are still very good and when stacked with testosterone it does create large sized gains over a longer period and gives that feel of a great fullness to your muscles. Decent gains can be made with 300-600mg per week for men and 50mg per week for women.

How should I stack Deca?

Deca is a brilliant choice as the base of any steroid cycle, it can be used in a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle. Deca can be stacked with any steroid. Though, some disagree with stacking it with Tren, and reports seem to be mixed. Even among athletes I know. Some have used testosterone, deca, and tren to great effect while others have found it’s just not worked well at all.

Average dosages of Deca are from 200 – 800 mg per week for men.

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