Anavar Cycle Tips

What is the right way to use an Anavar cycle and what steroids can be stacked for better results?

Anavar, or the hormone Oxandrolone, is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids currently on the market.

Although Anavar is fairly mild it’s still powerful and with very few side effects, performance enhancers have come to know and love it.

This is why an Anavar cycle is so popular, especially among women.

Women are limited in the types of anabolics they are able to use do to their physiology.

Of all the products on the market Oxandrolone is the anabolic steroid of choice among women.

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Anavar Cycles

This is why they call Anavar “The Girl Steroid” since it is so effective, yet remains safe for women.

Without a doubt, men can get good solid results from an Anavar cycle, but for the most part, Anavar provides the most benefit to females.

In demand due to the fact that this product is safe to use, those running an Anavar cycle will have to shell out quite a bit more money for this anabolic steroid as compared to others, and in fact is one of the most costly.

A 10mg tablet may very well cost as much as $2 and for high quality Anavar, you will pay $4 for a 10mg tablet.

This can really add up for male performance enhancers. as men will usually need quite a large dose of the hormone to get the effects they’re looking for.

That being the case, you can’t really put a price on safety and this makes an Anavar cycle worth the extra money.

Because of the demand for this anabolic hormone, there are many who manufacture counterfeit Anavar and sell it on the open market as the real thing.

This is why one must be extremely careful when placing an order for anything labeled Oxandrolone or Anavar.

Anavar Cycle Dosages and Results

Men who want to run an Anavar cycle should only do this if they are in the cutting phase.

Even though this hormone is extremely powerful for women, this hormone will not do much for men who want to bulk-up.

It might be tried for this purpose, but it would take massive doses to see any results at all.

Since this steroid isn’t going to aromatize, the weight put on due to using it will be lean muscle, but because the hormone is so expensive it doesn’t make any sense to use it for this purpose.

Although using an Anavar cycle for bulking up makes little sense for men, the opposite is true for a well thought out cutting-cycle.

This hormone can do wonders for preserving lean muscle tissue and for improving the ability to recover.

It also increases the user’s overall metabolic activity. And if you’re already lean, Oxandrolone will definitely create a hard look to your physique.

An Anavar cycle may not do this as well as Trenbolone or Equipoise or even Winstrol, but it is helpful when added to an anabolic stack.

Best Cycle Length

The majority of men will use in the range of 50mg – 80mg a day and find that this dosage works well.

In rare cases someone may prefer 100mg a day, but it’s hardly ever warranted. Anything exceeding 100mg would fall into the category of resulting in diminishing returns, providing little if any benefit.

Most men will find that a 6 – 8 week cycle at the end of their cutting cycle is perfect and in all likelihood will never need to use Anavar again.

This is good because we can’t forget how expensive this steroid is so users need to make the best use of their supply.

Using an Anavar Cycle for Females

With an Anavar only cycle being more beneficial for women it just makes sense to discuss female use first in this article.

The main concern with women using anabolic steroids is the issue of virilization, which can create devastating symptoms affecting a woman’s femininity.

This is the case with anabolic androgenic steroids for the most part and Oxandrolone can also produce these side effects, but chances are it won’t if used as a supplement in a responsible way.

Without saying another thing, if symptoms of virilization appear you should immediately discontinue use.

If you stop using Oxandrolone when the symptoms first appear they should quickly disappear, but if you simply ignore them they may become permanent.

We can’t stress enough that people, who use these hormones responsibly and continue to monitor themselves closely, will almost always be fine.

As a matter of fact they’ll be even better than “fine” as they will have a more attractive physique, be stronger and more athletic.

For females, an Anavar cycle is the perfect solution for both cutting and bulking cycles, but it isn’t a good idea for men.

Women will definitely increase in strength, which helps their athletic ability.

But the reason this steroid is so popular is due to the physique sports, and not just female bodybuilding.

When you see the competitors in the fitness and figure events you can’t help but admire the women in bikinis who owe their great figures to Anavar cycles or Clenbuterol.

For the Anavar cycle, women need to first make sure they can tolerate the hormone before they take too much.

Almost all women can take 10mg a day just fine, but some actually need up to 20mg a day.

But that’s rare as most will not need to take more than 10mg.

In most cases a course of 6 weeks is easily tolerated, with a break of 3 to 4 weeks in between if you think you want to partake in another Anavar cycle.

In our opinion a 6-week cycle is perfect for getting the desired results.

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