Advanced Cutting Stack

After weeks of emails and comments requesting I do a good, strong advanced cutting stack, here you go.

This stack is to make sure you maintain ALL the muscle mass you have (if not also add some muscle), while burning off all the fat and being in a calorie deficit. This will allow you to get the washboard abs of your dreams.

Without further ado, here is a very good and powerful cutting stack.

What will we use and why?

  • Trenbolone You can buy this here Purchase Trenbolene here
  • Masteron You can buy this here Purchase Masteron here
  • Equipoise You can buy this here Purchase Equipoise here
  • Clenbuterol You can buy this here Purchase Clen here
  • T3 You can buy this here Purchase T3 here

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Some advice to get started.

Clenbuterol, also known as Clen, is best taken before breakfast, and certainly no later than 4pm. I highly recommend getting this in you first thing in the morning to get the best bang for your buck, and to avoid any sleep issues that may occur.

T3 Unlike clen, however, is best taken in divided doses throughout the day. T3 does not have as long of a half-life as clen does.

Masteron is a VERY fast acting steroid, due to it being a propionate ester of the steroid, therefore it is best administered every 2 to 3 days respectively.

The whole purpose and goal of this cycle is to add some mass (around 5/10lbs), while dropping body fat into the single digits. (At least 6%)

This is very powerful, and obviously your results could be better, I’ve seen much better, but I’m giving you a likely estimate.

The cycle is as follows.

  • Tren 100MG weekly WEEK 1-8
  • Masteron 400mg weekly weeks 1-8
  • Equipoise 600mg weekly weeks 1-8
  • clen 160mg daily week 1-2
  • t-3 50mg daily week 1-2

Yes. This is a very powerful and strong cycle. There’s no need to do it longer than 8 weeks. Why risk your health? The results you’ll get here are simply phenomenal.

I hope you found this a useful cycle, as I’ve used it personally and many of my athletes have used it as well. It does deliver, well, I’ll be frank, INSANE results.

Good luck and happy ‘roiding.

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