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For anyone who wants to have a specific end when using steroids lean muscle mass and fat loss and aggression without gynecomastia think about using halotestin.

This is a steroid that is best used in a defined way, so as to achieve defined ends. It is not for everyone especially the “general users” of steroids who use it for aesthetic reason.


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How does Halotestin work?

Halotestin has been modified to survive the first passage through the mouth, the stomach and the liver. It is an oral steroid that can be toxic to the liver and once it passes through the system it will be eliminated and that is why it was made to survive the first passing through the liver.

Halotestin does not convert to estrogen (aromatization) and this is one of the ways it has been modified. This fact is a relief especially to men now that you never have to deal with bitch tits and any other effect that comes with having a lot of estrogen in the body.

What are the benefits of Halotestin?

Now that it will not be eliminated from the body in the first passing through the system what is the main characteristic of halotestin that makes it one of a kind?

First of all, it is an aggressor, made to increase your psyche when training for your matches or other competitions.

Having a lot of aggression means that you will exercise more and gain more from the exercising. You will have a lot of strength as a result.

You will heal faster from the muscle training and the sores that come with a lot of physical exercising. When using halotestin as with any other steroid you have to up your diet and this will depend on your age and physical activities you are involved in.

You will not have any water retention when using halotestin and this is another advantage. What you will gain is the lean muscle and a lot of strength as a result. For anyone in strength and resistance training, there is no better steroid.

Halotestin increases the amount of red blood cells in the system and this means a lot more volume and mass in your muscles. Halotestin is also great for fat loss, and this means another plus for the bodybuilders and athletes.


Use a reasonable dose when using halotestin otherwise you will harm your liver. On that note, anybody with liver problems is not supposed to use halotestin.

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