Benefits of Anavar – Why Do Athletes Use It?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is one of the gentlest and safest steroids currently on the market.

Because it is so gentle, Anavar is one of few steroids that can be tolerated by female athletes.

Anavar can be and frequently is used successfully by men, though it may take higher doses and a bit more time for male athletes to see results, which could be a disadvantage among male athletes.

What are the specific Anavar benefits that you can expect to see when using this steroid?

Why Use Anavar?

Male or female, however, Anavar is a great choice for cutting cycles, and this may be the most common use for the steroid for most users.

Anavar is a rapid acting DHT anabolic oral steroid that effectively maintains lean tissue as well as increasing overall metabolic activity.

Tissue gains are entirely possible, especially among women, but for most male users, Anavar is most typically used during the dieting phase.

Although Anavar can be used for growth, most male users will find Anavar to be ineffective for bulking up.

Anavar is not a good choice for adding mass, though any mass that is gained will be entirely lean tissue, without lots of water weight or extra fat.

Because Anavar is such a gentle anabolic steroid, it takes such a significantly higher dose than other steroids to see significant growth.

Because Anavar is so much more expensive than other steroids, it would be quite costly to try to use Anavar during a bulking cycle.

Benefits of Anavar for Female Athletes

For the female athlete, there is little doubt that Anavar is more effective than it is for most men and it is more easily tolerated by women than any other steroid currently available.

It is possible for women to exhibit some masculine characteristics from Anavar, but these side effects are exceedingly rare, provided she uses Anavar responsibly.

Women can get good results using Anavar for either growth or dieting and is a favorite among all kinds of female competitive athletes.

Most women who use Anavar will use daily doses of about 10-20mg and in cycles of about six weeks at a time.

Some women will use more than 20mg, but women rarely need doses this high, and using it at doses over 20mg significantly increases the risk of unpleasant side effects without resulting in additional Anavar benefits.

If you want to use it for cycles longer than six weeks, it is wise to take a break of at least 3-4 weeks before starting another cycle.

Guide to Administering Anavar Pills

Doses of Anavar vary significantly from one individual user to another.

While female athletes will use significantly lower doses than males, the dose will also depend heavily on the goals of the user for that particular cycle.

A woman’s body is significantly more sensitive to Anavar than a man taking a similar dose, which means that men will need higher doses to get the same results and positive benefits as women.

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the reasons an athlete might use Anavar and what the ideal dosage range might be for each potential use.

Use as a Bulking Agent

Anavar is generally a poor choice for male athletes during a bulking cycle, as it does not generally contribute to significant gains in mass.

Anavar is fantastic for building lean muscle tissue, but not enough for significant weight gain.

For a man to gain noticeable bulk while using Anavar, he would need to take about 80-100mg per day.

At $1 to $2 or more for each ten milligram tablet, doses of this size would make a cycle cost prohibitive.

The same is not true for female athletes, however. In women, Anavar benefits can be quite effective for bulking due to the increased sensitivity of women to the hormone.

While the gains aren’t likely to be overly dramatic, with a high enough caloric intake, it can significantly increase lean muscle tissue.

Because water weight isn’t a significant factor with this steroid, all or nearly all of a woman’s weight gain while on Anavar will be made up of lean muscle.

As is true with cutting, women new to Anavar will want to start with daily doses of about 10mg.

If the goal is to gain muscle mass, she may need to gradually increase the dose to 20mg, but it she should be sure she knows exactly how Anavar will affect her at a low dose before increasing to a higher dose.

Because women tend to be so much more sensitive to Anavar than men, and require such small doses compared to men, the cost effectiveness tends to be much higher for women, even at its higher cost as compared to other steroids.

When taking Anavar, either alone or as part of a stack, it’s important for men and women alike to plan the timing of the cycle.

The typical cycle for the male athlete is 6-8 weeks, while female athletes should stick with a maximum of six weeks at a time.

Men might consider switching to another steroid like Clenbuterol for a time, while women should consider taking a break for at least 3-4 weeks before starting again.

Where to Get Anavar for Sale

Anavar does have one serious downside and that is its high cost compared to some other oral steroids.

In Mexico and on the black market a single 10mg tablet can cost as much as a dollar. However, you can also buy Anavar online if you know where to look.

Plenty of black market dealers and underground labs offer Anavar in capsule and liquid forms, and some even make their own tablets for significantly less than genuine pharmaceutical companies or even the Anavar used by veterinarians in other countries.

Anavar benefits typically outweight the costs for most users, but this is something you will beed to determine for yourself.

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