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Clomid is referred to as a SERM; a selective estrogen receptor modulator which binds to estrogen receptors to prevent the hormone responsible for ovulations from doing the same.

In bodybuilding this quality helps to prevent the problem of gynecomastia in men by binding to breast tissue and preventing the male breast from developing as a result.

It has been used for a long time to develop muscle and to increase aggression levels among athletes who are training for a professional match. For anyone who wants to increase his testosterone levels and prevent the formation of male breasts at the same time, there has never been a better way of doing that than using clomid.


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What is Clomid used for?

Clomid is a fertility drug that has been used in the world of medicine for a long time. It is the most commonly used fertility drug especially by women who have problems with ovulation.

It is very effective and stimulates ovulation most of the time. The fact that this is a cheap fertility drug makes it a plus for those women who cannot afford other drugs.

When compared to its cousin nolvadex, clomid is weaker in performance and you will need a lot of this in your system to get good results.

It has been used to treat cases of low testosterone levels among men and boys whose secondary sexual features have not formed yet. It does so without the side effects that come with testosterone like gynecomastia and this is the reason why it is used by many people.

Side effects

The side effects of taking clomid vary depending on extensive usage. In some cases, some people have reported having blurry visions after long term usage of clomid.

Of course, long term usage in large quantities may just put you in the way of gynecomastia so you need to regulate the amount.

How to use Clomid?

Start with a high dose; say something like 150mg of clomid per day for about two weeks.

If your body responds well to clomid you can maintain the 150 grams per day otherwise you can reduce it until such a level that your body can get used to. After the first two weeks, reduce the amount of daily intake to something like 50mg per day of clomid.

Many people have fears that overuse of clomid will mess up the natural supply of testosterone in the body, if this is not exactly the case if you reduce the dosage after two weeks of using 150mg of clomid per day.

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