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HGH or Human Growth Hormone occurs naturally in the body and is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. HGH controls a lot of body functions; from growth to aging.

It controls the functions of the body organs.  It is responsible for the growth, repair and replacement of cells in the body and is also responsible for the growth of the bones.

As the person ages the levels of HGH start dropping, to overcome certain problems caused by the decreased levels of HGH, doctors recommend the use of synthetic HGH.

People buy HGH to overcome the deficiencies in their bodies.


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Clinical Uses of HGH

HGH has many uses in the field of medicine.  It is a cure for Down’s Syndrome and is widely used in treating catabolic processes. It is used for treating osteoporosis and fertility problems.

HGH has been fairly successful for in treating patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It was also prescribed as a part of therapy to those patients who had suffered from chronic illness or had undergone a major surgery.

It increases the appetite of the user and so is used by people who wish to gain weight. As it increases the number of red blood cells in the body, it is an effective cure for anemia as well.

People mostly buy HGH because of the strong anti-aging properties it possesses.  It could reduce wrinkles, age spots, laugh lines and other signs of aging. It added firmness to the skin making it look smoother. It also worked wonders for skin and nails.

HGH as a Steroid

One of the important functions HGH performs is the growth of cells. It promotes the growth and development of cells; it not only enlarges the size of the cells but also increases their number through cell division.

As the development of muscle cells is most important for bodybuilders; they buy HGH mainly for this characteristic. HGH also performs the function of protecting the muscles from catabolic processes which destroy muscles. The muscle gain from HGH is long lasting and does not diminish when the intake is stopped.

HGH has several benefits and besides professional athletes and bodybuilders, leisure users can also gain a lot from their amazing properties.

Leisure users buy HGH because it strips off the body fat rapidly and at the same time increases lean mass. This property is particularly suited for leisure users and male models who desire a lean and muscular body.

The remarkable power enhancement it causes has made it an all time favorite of athletes and they buy HGH especially for this quality. It reduces lethargy and increases the stamina in the athletes so that they can train better and give a contest winning performance. It also elevates the activity of the satellite cells and causes a swift recovery from muscular injuries.

Side Effects

HGH has some ugly side effects; out of which diabetes is quite prominent. It also causes the retention of water and high blood pressure. Muscle and joint pains are other common complaints.


HGH is easily available in the form of injections, pills and sprays but athletes and bodybuilders prefer the use of injections. Like other steroids and performance enhancing drugs, you can buy HGH on the black market and online pharmacies. Between these two options, it is better to buy steroids online.

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