What Is Dianabol?

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid in fact it was the second anabolic steroid produced. Ever since its release in 1956 by the USA based Ciba, Dianabol has been used by many bodybuilders and athletes. Even today body builders and athletes buy Dianabol because of the positive results it yields.

How it Works

The muscle mass gains with this steroid are simply incredible. Bodybuilders and athletes buy Dianabol because it gives positive results very early in the cycle. For this reason it is also used along with other steroids which take time to show results.  It encourages protein synthesis which causes protein buildup; an essential requirement for the growth and development of muscles. Dianabol also increases the nitrogen retention in the body. It strengthens the muscles; it also promotes glycogenolysis in the body. Bodybuilders and athletes buy Dianabol because it gives solid muscle mass and enhances the size of the muscles.

Bodybuilders and athletes buy Dianabol because it is not only an effective cutting agent but serves the purpose of bulking as well. In fact it is a better bulking agent as users have reported a noticeable gain.  It also increases the calcium content in the bones making them stronger.

Bodybuilders can buy Dianabol in the form of injections or as pills. It has an active half life of three to four and a half hours and needs to be taken in the range of 15 mg to 40 mg per day in two doses for four weeks.  The maximum dose allowed for this steroid is 50 mg; negligible gains are seen beyond this dose. Dianabol gives amazing results when used with Deca Durabolin. Dianabol has proved to be quite strong for women and they are generally advised to stay away from it.

Dianabol is banned by the FDA and you need a prescription to buy it. This leaves the users with two options; they can buy Dianabol from online stores or on the black market.  If you buy steroids online you stand to gain authentic drugs at a reasonable price and without any hassle or fear of being caught.

Side Effects of Dianabol

Being an oral steroid it is 17 alpha alkylated; with this alteration it does not get rejected by the liver but is stressful for the liver and in the long run can destroy liver cells and cause it to malfunction.   

It causes insomnia and high blood pressure which may lead to cardiac problems. Dianabol also affects the scalp and the skin and often its long term use appears as steroid acne and male pattern baldness. It also causes gynocomastia or large breasts in men because of its ability to aromatize. Aromatization also causes water retention which denies the muscles of their hard ripped look making them look puffy instead. Virilization in women or the masculinising properties in women also appear with this drug. Virilization is a serious side effect as some characteristics of it are irreversible. It also causes aggression in the users which though is a useful trait during competition, is a highly undesirable quality in personal life. Dianabol also causes lack of tolerance and irritability.  It may also suppress the natural production of testosterones in the body.  To minimize the side effects, Dianabol is used with other steroids or drugs. For instance Nolvadex is taken along Dianabol to suppress gynocomastia and water retention and to accelerate the natural production of testosterones in the body.

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