Andriol Testocaps (40 mg) 60 capsules (Organon Testosterone)

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Andriol Testocaps 40 mg is oral Testosterone Undecanoate manufactured by Organon Testosterone. It comes in a package of 60 capsules.

Testosterone undecanoate was developed to be a safer, oral testosterone alternative to the injectible testosterone that most athletes are familiar with, but there are also injectable versions available.

Muscle gains from using Andriol Testocaps alone are very slight. Also, because the Andriol Testocaps is only active in the body for several hours, users must take several pills a day to feel the effects of the drug.

Andriol Testocaps 40 mg usage

The recommended dose for Andriol Testocaps is around 600 mg per day. Andriol Testocaps is a very safe, if rather ineffective, steroid to use. Because it only slightly increases testosterone levels in the body, side effects are negligible – even for women.

Andriol Testocaps has been known to help erectile dysfunction and is an effective hormone replacement therapy drug for men suffering form low testosterone.

Organon Testosterone Andriol Testocaps 40 mg quick facts

  • Chemical Name: androsta-4-en-3-one,17b-ol
  • Testosterone + Undecanoate ester
  • Molecular weight of base: 288.429
  • Molecular weight of ester: 186.2936
  • Formula: C19 H28 O2
  • Melting Point: 155
  • Manufacturer: Organon Testosterone, originally Organon
  • Effective dose: 600mgs
  • Active Life: less than 8-12 hours
  • Detection Time: 4-5 weeks
  • Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 100:100

Specification: Andriol Testocaps (40 mg) 60 capsules (Organon Testosterone)

Product name

Andriol Testocaps


Organon Testosterone

Common name


Effective substance

Testosterone Undecanoate


40 mg


60 capsules

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